Monday, November 9, 2009


I found a vest that I fell in love with at Agaci over the weekend. I actually lucked up being that I haven't found anything there in quite sometime. I was pretty stocked to have found it. On display, there was a white button-down underneath. But, the print has off-white in it. I had to put my own style to it.

Body-Suit - Target
Vest - Agaci
Pants - XXI
Necklace - Random Pearls ( I own so many)
Belt - XXI
Shoes - Target

What is she wearing?

I was lucky and found a pair of tights that I've never worn. I don't remember when I bought them either, maybe last year or so. But, they were inexpensive and reminded me of some that I could get a AA. So, I bought them, and misplaced them for who knows how long?

Boyfriend Tee - Target
Tights - Wet Seal
Boots - XXI
Necklace - Random Pearls
Belt - XXI

Thermals come in handy......

I woke up and had no idea what I wanted to wear. It was sort of cool, but not that cold. So, I practically threw something together.

Thermal - AE
Beater - A&F
Jeans - A&F
Boots - Aldo

You'd like to wear what?

So, I told my BFF that I was going to a mini-mixer for my old high school. Just a little happy hour of some sort. Her and I discussed my outfit and I kept saying I wanted to wear a uni-tard. She thought I was nutts. She kept telling me I was going to look naked. All in all, I pulled it off. LOL

Blazer - UO
Unitard - America Apparel
Boots - Aldo
Necklace - XXI

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make the most of it.................

This morning, the weather was a little cooler than I had anticipated. I thought our "cool" front had subsided. I scrambled through some clothes and was happy to find this like cardigan. My brain went into high gear trying to match it up.

Hat - Charlotte Russe
Cardigan - XXI
Cami - XXI
Jeans - Target
Loafers - Steve Madden

Houston "Cool" Front

In Houston, our weather is fairly warm. To my amazement, we finally had some sort of cool weather. I was anxious to pull out my favorite blazer. Its refreshing to be able to change things up, every now and then. Generally, I can get away with flip flops 10 months out of the year. I had to make the best out of my "cool" weather days; since they are not going to last for long.

Scarf - Vintage Levi's
Blazer - UO
Beater - XXI
Jeans - A&F
Low Heels - Zara

You Don't Know My Name......

I tend to categorize myself as the Alicia Keys song "You don't know my name." At the beginning of the song, she tells a guy that she looks different outside of her work clothes. That's exactly how I feel. I look fairly normal in my M-Th attire, but when Friday comes, my entire attitude changes. During the week, I generally have ease in finding things to wear, but on Friday's it seems like the hardest day to pick my outfit for the day.

Shirt - XXI
Vest - Wet Seal
Jeans - (Vintage) DKNY
Sandals - Guess